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Tube Bundles

Replacement tube bundles for heat exchanger equipment can be constructed for liquid-to-liquid or steam-to-liquid applications. The bundles can be used for applications including industrial processes and commercial water heating or cooling. The tube bundles are built from 10- or 20-gauge copper or cupronickel tubes, carbon steel, or brass tube sheets. The tube bundles are available with a lead time of about 10 working days. A company representative can measure the bundles at the site or can cross-reference them if the OEM?s model number is known.

Tubing Copper, Cupronickel
Tube Sheet Matl Carbon Steel, Brass
Applications Liquid to Liquid or Steam to Liquid
Bundle Types Tube Bundle or Tank Heaters
Duty Fluid, Steam or Tank Heater
Tube Pitch Inline or Equilateral


Certified Drawing: Tube Bundle
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